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Sophie K

I just thought: “What can I tell about?” In my case everything went very quickly and smoothly. A girl at a forum told me about GC-IVF. On November 29, 2011, I came to consult with her for the first time had already had experience of a laparoscopy with a plastic surgery on Fallopian tubes (ambilateral hydrosalpinx), a relapse of the hydrosalpinx on the left side had already decided to ablate the left tube, the question was about the right one. Actually, from my visit to the clinic I expected to hear the verdict, whether to ablate both tubes or only one. At the same time, I was very concerned about the spermogram of my husband. As the doctor had said, with such a spermogram he could get pregnant, but with a perfectly healthy woman. As a result, the primary consultation dotted all i’s and crossed all t’s: my husband had an excellent SG, but my tubes were useless — it was better to ablate them. I was operation on 10 February, 2012, I had the tubes ablated.
Everything went well from the medical point of view, though for two weeks I suffered from severe depression; the thought that I would never have any natural pregnancy was devastating for me. I did not know how to survive through the 2 -3 months that had to pass between the ablation of the tubes and the propram. But then there was time to have tests — and the time started flying.
At the end of March I had an appointment to consult about cervical erosion.
So finally I had colposcopy in the Clinic and was humbly waiting for its result. The gynaecologist said that if there was at least one hint of leukoplakia, she would never approve of the program. In early April I learned that everything was all right, so I made an appointment with a fertility specialist 10 days in advance. The appointment was on 13 April; that was Friday, Good Friday! My fertility specialist was thinking for a long time to decide what protocol to take me in, then she chose a long one.
On April 23, at the right time my period started. So on 25 April I was hanging out in Kharkov. That was the most unforgettable time!
As I had calculated when at home, I was scheduled to have a puncture on
Sunday, May 6. The night before the puncture my husband arrived. I was very
worried about the result of the spermogram he would have after the trip taking
into consideration that he had had a sleepless night. Nevertheless, everything went
without ICSI. They took 6 of my cells, the four were fertilized: 1 excellent, 2
good, 1 so-so.
On May 9, I had a transfer. I stayed in Khakrov until the morning of the 6th day after the transfer. On the 7th day I went to a shop and unexpectedly burst in tears. I realized that the reason was my hormones. I rushed into a pharmacy, bought two cheap pregnancy tests, soaked them; and that was it, my happiness! A month later after the transfer I made the first ultrasound test, and it did not show a heartbeat, although the PI was already quite high. I was very worried, barely waited till the next week, as it was recommended by the doctor. A week later everything changed; a tiny heart was beating inside me!
My pregnancy went very smooth, I did not gain more than 5 kg. The hormones were shameless, of course.
My husband once came home and saw me crying. He rushed to me anticipating something terrible. But I was crying over a song from a cartoon. For the whole pregnancy no one could tell me exactly who we were going to have, both a
boy and a girl were suspected. On January 17, I met my baby-girl for the first time! Now Jane is growing up, a serious lady. Back in the operating room of the hospital I asked the doctor when it was possible to come for the second baby. I was given two years. My husband and I decided not to change anything, I trust doctors of GC-IVF a lot.
I want to give advice to all the girls: “Believe in God and your doctor! You will