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2020 25 February

Unique Art-Therapy Project: Making Your IVF-Journey a Positive Experience

We Believe In Wonderwork

Gryshchenko Clinic-IVF is far more than a medical center. It is literally our home. We want our patients and guests to feel warm and cared for within the walls of it. At times, a single world, a hurried glance, a hearty smile, a candy in your pocket, a flower in a vase is enough to make your heart beat faster. Positive emotions are also a remedy!

GC-IVF has a lot of partners in the medical and other spheres.  Today, we are absolutely delighted to announce launch of a unique project in collaboration with an amazing person, a talented painter Nataliya Bendus-Petrovska. We hope that her cordial and touching paintings will add to special atmosphere in the clinic. Let 2020 become a year of art-therapy with GC-IVF.

Nataliya lives in Kharkiv.  Since her very childhood she has been practicing art which makes the essence of her life. The painter has academic education in fine arts.  Nonetheless, there is childlike frankness, clear-eyed perception of reality, freshness of colour in her works.  She draws images of children in such a way that you understand that she speaks the same language with the little ones.

The artist designs books for children, teaches art, exhibits her works at shows in Ukraine and abroad. Her works are stored in private collections in Ukraine, the USA, Russia, Germany and Israel. Nataliya paints with water and oil colours, gouache, and pastel.

Nataliya’s paintings feature the best moments of life: something that makes her   promptly take a brush and paint. These are images of hope, fairy-tales, reminiscences. Frequently, creativity can be sparked with a beautiful flower, a weirdly-shaped cloud, or a child’s mischievous smile. Children are the main characters in painter’s work.  She especially likes depicting kids 2-3 years old. “They are kind of funny. I like them most”, says the artist. For her they are little, but pure and open-hearted people that grow and change. Children often fly in Nataliya’s pictures. It’s a symbol of winged sentiments, emotional growth and dreams.

At the very start of our collaboration with Nataliya, we asked her several questions about her creative work and participation in the art-project.

What does being a parent mean to you?

I think that being a parent is huge responsibility and much work, but it’s also incredible happiness. Parenthood requires attention, sacrifice, readiness to take care of another person, it’s similar to being a chess-player who has to think several moves ahead. A parent has to be a psychologist, a teacher, a nurse, a cook and a cleaner – all in oneJ

Why have you chosen children to be the main characters of your creative work?

For me, children are a symbol of purity, open-heartedness and joy.

Why did you decide to join our project?

I want to make my personal contribution to the good work your clinic does. I will be happy if my paintings which will be exhibited in the clinic will make patients smile and give them strength.

What can you tell the couples that have long been wishing to become parents?

I would certainly like to wish them happiness and commitment to their dream. May they be blessed with good luck, and the clinic’s staff will be next to them on the hard way to parenthood.

To sum up our presentation of the unique art-project, let’s cite the painter’s words she once said about one of her touching works: «We believe in wonderwork, we hope for the better.  It’s the message of this painting. Here it’s all about wonder – they [kids] are sitting in a small Christmas tree, they look like toys – so small. And it’s a wonder because they are sitting in a small Christmas tree”.

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