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Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) – methods of treatment, at which manipulations with reproductive cells on certain or all stages of preparation of reproductive cells, fertilization and embryo cultivation before its transfer to the patient’s uterus are conducted under in vitro conditions. The most widespread method of ART is in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Briefly speaking, the main goal of reproductive technologies as we see it is as follows:

We believe that the goals of reproductive technologies are birth of a healthy baby who will grow into a healthy adult; patients’ safety and good health condition; mother-to-be’s full comfort and minimum life-style changes during the treatment; minimized treatment costs; treatment in the shortest time possible.

Effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies in many aspects depends on the quality of work of embryologists. Correct organization and equipment of the embryological laboratory shapes the resulting quality of work of the clinic for reproductive medicine in general. The Embryological Laboratory of Gryshchenko Clinic for reproductive medicine is equipped according to the highest European standards:

  • it was constructed deferring to highly-reputed European specialists’ experience;
  • “cleanroom” technologies are applied;
  • non-toxic constructional and finishing materials are used;
  • specialized multi-layered medical gas supply system is installed;
  • equipment of the embryological laboratory gets regularly updated;
  • culture media by world-known manufacturers are applied (COOK medical, LIfeGlobal);
  • uninterruptible power system is functioning;
  • safety is provided by systems of monitoring and alerting.

Perfect organization of the laboratory and high professionalism of embryologists allow us to apply most advanced reproductive technologies successfully.

It is not always possible to solve all problems at once on the way to accomplishment of one global goal, but it is necessary to strive for it. At the moment Gryshchenko Clinic-IVF ART department meets the highest international standards by its instrumentation and experience of our specialists.