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Colposcopy is a method of examination of the mucous membrane of the vaginal part of uterine cervix in conditions of additional illumination and optical magnification with the help of a colposcope. Diagnostics of pathological processes in the uterine cervix is ​​one of the pressing problems in gynecology because the pre-tumor and tumor processes of this localization are frequently disclosed diseases. The results of epidemiological studies indicate that every fourth woman has a pathology of the cervix, of which 20% of women are diagnosed with dysplasia, which is a precancerous condition. Diseases of the cervix affect the functions of reproductive system, reduce working capacity and woman’s life span. 

The examination is painless, does not require the patient’s special preparation the, does not involve complications, it is conducted in the conditions uterine cervix pathology examination room. Patients get a unique opportunity to see their cervix several times magnified on the monitor screen. Every woman receives an expanded result with a cytological conclusion (analysis for atypical cells), two color photographs which allow to confirm the detected pathology of the cervix documentarily and by visual demonstration with general diagnosis and recommendations. The complex of diagnostic research offers an opportunity to select a suitable method of treatment.

The following treatments are conducted at the uterine cervix pathology examination room:

  • electronization of the cervix (cone-shaped dissection of the pathologically altered part of the cervix within frames of healthy tissue) is recommended in case of precancerous processes, rough scarry deformities. The uterine cervix pathology examination room of Gryshchenko Clinic-IVF is equipped with the necessary instrumentation for electronization of the cervix by the German manufacturer ERBE.
  • сryodestruction of the cervix is ​​recommended in conditions of underlying (benign) diseases of the cervix. The cervical cryodestruction is the best treatment for a woman with reproductive plans, since it does not affect pregnancy bearing and birth of the baby.