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Initial consultation with an andrologist€50
Follow-up consultation with an andrologist€20
Chorigonin test€35
Andrologic spermogram€30
Embryologic spermogram€35
MAR-test (direct)€15
MAR-test (indirect)€20
Sperm-cervical mucus contact test (SCMCT)€10
Urethral smear€10
Ultrasound examination of scrotum€20
Doppler sonography + ultrasound examination of prostate€20
Doppler sonography+ultrasound of scrotum and prostate €25
Prostate massage€10
Prostate fluid collection€10
Testicular biopsy€550
Micro TESE€1,250
Cryopreservation of sperm€65
Storage of sperm (1 month)€10
Re-cryopreservation of sperm€65
! Please mind the fact that prices can unsubstantially change and it is advisable to consult your personal manager about them.

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