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Embryological Laboratory

IVF technology presupposes birth of a new human life outside a woman’s body. One of the main characters of this procedure is an embryologist. It is embryologists who obtain viable embryos from patients’ sex cells and accompany them until the moment of transfer. For their normal formation and development human embryos need high stability of environmental conditions and protection from influence of adverse factors. The functions that the maternal organism provides in case of natural conception are carried out in artificial fertilization by incubators and other systems of the embryological laboratory.

Proper arrangement and equipment of the embryological laboratory of Gryshchenko Clinic-IVF allow us to ensure comfort and safety of embryos, and therefore to achieve high results. The laboratory premises are designed proceeding from experience of well-known European experts, with the use of non-toxic construction and finishing materials. The technologies of ‘clean room’ have been applied, and the room is equipped with a specialized multistage system for emitting medical gases, uninterruptible power supply system, monitoring and alert systems. Embryologists work with the cutting-edge equipment by European manufacturers and culture media made by world leaders (COOK medical, LifeGlobal).

We invite international experts to conduct an external audit. Our laboratory has been highly praised by such world-renowned experts as Sessilia Sjoblom (one of the leading experts in the standardization of embryological laboratories according to ISO standard, Australia) and Lars Johansson (Director of Clinical Embryology and Quality Control, ORIGIO, Germany).

«Excellent equipment, the laboratory of the Clinic is as good as similar laboratories in Europe. Everything is done at a very good level, and what pleases the most is that wonderful professionals work here. I am very happy for my Ukrainian colleagues, their scientific activity is of great interest forembryology!»

Dr. Guy Cassuto / Dr. Guy Cassuto (France)researcher-embryologist, author of innovative techniques in andrology and embryology.