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Full-service prenatal care

The choice of a doctor is of vital importance for a safe course of your pregnancy. A doctor who is following up your pregnancy is your best friend and advisor, therefore the more competent and experienced he/she is, the better it is for you and for the child-to-be-born.

The prenatal care department of Gryshchenko Clinic-IVF invites all future moms for pregnancy follow-up by our specialists. We offer professional care for all pregnant women and especially for patients after an IVF procedure. Remember that after IVF, the mother-to-be requires closer attention, skilled medical care and psychological support.

At the Clinic, pregnancy management is fully compliant with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and European protocols.

When working with pregnant women, we are guided by five main principles:

  1. Provide the pregnant woman with all the necessary information, explain each nuance, answer each question.
  2. Provide the best possible diagnosis in order to fully understand what happens to the future mother and the fetus at each stage of pregnancy.
  3. Make every effort to prevent complications, and if they do arise, eliminate them as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  4. Prescribe only necessary medications and procedures so as not to interfere with the natural course of pregnancy.
  5. Lavish attentions, warmth and care on the pregnant woman to help her feel happy and meaningful.

The department of prenatal care at GC-IVF avails of most advanced equipment. In particular, the ultrasonic system of the expert class level “Voluson” manufactured by the by famous American company General Electrics helps us to see your baby and find out all the details about its condition. The system provides a three-dimensional and a four-dimensional visualization of the fetus, in words it permits a three- and four-D reconstruction of the image of the baby and his movement on a real time basis.