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2020 28 April

How to Build Hormonal Balance?

Giving birth to a baby is a gift. Current conditions and pace of life, unfortunately, often reduce our chances of getting it. Among the most common causes of this is hormonal imbalance.Today, the fertility specialist of Gryschenko Clinic-IVF, Yuliya Blazhko, wants to share her ideas about how each woman can discover the powerful internal hormonal capabilities of her own organism.“Hormones are biologically active substances of natural origin. When they enter the bloodstream, they have a powerful effect on metabolism and other physiological functions, causing a rapid change in the functional state of the body. Simply put, they cause us fear and anger, depression and happiness, desire and attachment. Of course, the rhythm of life and physical activity affect the hormonal function of the body, and under unusual quarantined conditions, hormonal imbalance, as well as a lack of vitamins and micro-elements can occur. In particular, vitamin D, the benefit of which has been mentioned in many studies, directly affects the endocrine function of the body, and in the absence of sunlight there is a lack of it. So now we have two tools to fill in the vitamin D deficiency: sunbathe on the balcony or in your own garden, or restore the vitamin content of your body with medication.

Estrogen is a hormone that makes a woman a woman. It provokes a woman’s attraction to the “dominant male”, strong and appealing, and offers a number of other advantages: it improves coordination and accuracy of movements, increases endurance, and allows you to perform several tasks at the same time.

If a girl more often “plays blonde” and allows herself to be weak, her body increases the production of estrogen.

It depends on the hormone how a woman looks and feels. Estrogen stimulates sexual arousal and enhances a woman’s natural sexuality. Estrogen imbalance can cause gynecological diseases and even lead to infertility. To avoid self-treatment and taking hormonal drugs, you need to listen to your body, and if you feel that something has changed, you should consult a specialist.

Next, I want to tell you about the hormones of good mood the concentration of which you can quite raise yourself.Dopamine is a hormone of unbridled joy, pleasure and euphoria. Dopamine deficiency for any reason leads to depression, obesity, chronic fatigue and dramatically reduces sex drive. The easiest way to produce dopamine is to have sex or listen to music that makes you shake with satisfaction. In general, to engage in the very premise of what is satisfying.

Endorphin is a hormone of happiness and pleasure. Morphine is the basis of heroin, and endorphin is a short name for endogenous morphine, a drug produced by our own body.

Conditions for producing endorphins are the following: healthy lifestyle, full sleep, metered exercise, a little chocolate and a sense of joy. Joyful and long sex is also a natural source of endorphins. Also, this hormone is associated with pursuing a favorite business, hobby, sports. Production of this hormone is stimulated even with the memories of some nice things, situations, sexual scenes.

Therefore, even under forced conditions of self-isolation and absence of the sun, it is possible to maintain hormonal balance in the available ways and have fun!!!

Doctors at Gryschenko Clinic are always ready to answer questions about your body’s hormonal status and provide professional guidance. Looking forward to meeting you online and offline. To take a step towards your dream, you just need to book a free Skype consultation with our fertility specialists”.

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