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2020 20 January

Infertility and healthy nutrition


Wishing for a Baby? Focus on your Diet!

Infertility is not just a condition of the reproductive system. It is a far more systemic problem. For a person trying to conceive, metabolism plays a key role in her body. Even the slightest disturbances of the metabolic process automatically result in serious physiological trouble, including hormone imbalance.
Let us go into the reason why reproductive functions stands in such a close connection with nutrition. The endocrine profile is a bounded system. Whenever something goes wrong with one hormone, all the other hormones get involved and stop functioning correctly. Consequences of such malfunctions can be dramatic: eggs do not mature and cannot leave the ovaries. Men’s spermatogenesis gets affected, the level of testosterone drops. All these substantially ruin chances for conceiving and bearing a pregnancy.
Let’s not paint the situation too dark, however. Metabolism can be mended by means of healthy nutrition. Definitely, this does not happen overnight, but following the doctor’s recommendations day in day out will substantially raise chances for natural or IVF conception. Here we approach another serious risk: the Web contains infinitely many opinions, advice columns, blogs and vlogs with diets many of which may at times be harmful to your organism. Please mind the fact that advice on metabolism can only be given by an expert in gastroenterology and nutrition. Otherwise, your good intentions can do more harm than good.
If you are overweight, or have digestion, cardiovascular, autoimmune problems, or suffer from a chronic disease, the worst thing to do is to put off seeing a nutritionist. The sooner you do this, the better chances there will be for improvement. In case you are planning a pregnancy, consulting a dietician is an absolute must.
Gryshchenko Clinic-IVF is a clinic where under one roof we have specialists who work all together to fight infertility issues. We are privileged to introduce an expert in nutrition, gastroenterologist and endoscopist Dr. Olexandra Zalys-Yakymenko to all of you. Olexandra is a doctor who cares for clear communication and details. Her job is to help you develop good nutritious habits and make firm steps on the way to your dream to become parents.
How does it work? During the initial consultation, prepare to be asked numerous questions about your eating habits and life-style because they both unconditionally influence your metabolism. After this study, the doctor will thoroughly select tests and examinations for you to have. This is aimed at getting a clear picture of what useful substances your body lacks, what in your diet and life-style needs correction.
Medicine is no magic, of course, but just wait and see! You will be amazed at how everything in your body starts going right as soon as you start taking care of your diet.
Follow our #healthynutrition posts and do not hesitate to ask your questions in comments. Dr. Olexandra will gladly answer all of them.

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