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Inrauterine Insemination

Artificial insemination /Inrauterine insemination (IUI) is a traditional ART method. An indispensable condition for its application is patency of fallopian tubes, confirmed instrumentally, since fertilization of an egg with artificial insemination takes place in the fallopian tube like in natural conception.

This reproductive technology consists of introduction by the doctor of previously obtained semen into the cervical canal or uterus of the woman. This method is applied in cases of immunological reasons for not occurrence of pregnancy which are presence of antibodies to the husband’s (or any) sperm. Artificial insemination can be performed using the sperm of the husband or a donor.

With a slight decrease in quality of ejaculate, artificial insemination with husband’s sperm is effective. In case of absence of spermatozoa, a procedure with donor sperm can be performed.

Artificial insemination is carried out during the period of ovulation, both during a natural cycle of a woman and with the use of stimulation of the ovaries — induction of ovulation.

Sperm is obtained either immediately before the procedure of insemination (1-3 hours before the procedure), or previously cryopreserved and then thawed sperm is applied. For introduction fertility specialists use a fraction of the most mobile spermatozoa from previously prepared sperm.

If there is no effect, insemination is repeated (no more than 3-4 cycles). It is not advisable to conduct more inseminations. If ineffective, patients’ treatment plans should be modified and include the IVF procedure.