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Surgical Gynecology

Consultation with a gynecologist (without ultrasound examination)€20
Ultrasound examination with conclusion€30
Separate diagnostic endometrectomy and endocervical curettage (local/general anesthesia) €50 / €75
Uterine polypectomy + Separate diagnostic endometrectomy and endocervical curettage (local/general anesthesia)€50 / €75
Remedial peritoneal tap through the posterior vaginal vault€30
Hydrotubation after laparoscopy€30
Aspirational endometrium biopsy€20
Endometrium Pipel biopsy€25
Cervical biopsy€30
Cervical biopsy (cito)€35
Cervical biopsy + cervical canal scraping€45
HysteroscopyOn request
A standard medication set for hysteroscopy €32
Intravenous anesthesia before hysteroscopy€38
Diagnostic hysteroscopy (with laparoscopy)€205
Diagnostic hysteroscopy (i/v anesthesia/ local anesthesia)€370 / €315
Hysteroscopy, polypectomy (with laparoscopy)€315
Hysteroscopy, polypectomy (i/v anesthesia/ local anesthesia)€405 / €460
Hysteroscopy, ablation of submucous leiomyoma node (with laparoscopy/without laparoscopy)€400 / €490
Hysteroscopy, intrauterine adhesion dissection (with laparoscopy/without laparoscopy)€315 / €460
Hysteroscopy, intrauterine septum dissection (with laparoscopy/without laparoscopy)€405 / €490
Hysteroscopy, endometrium resection€460
Diagnostic fertiloscopy€525
Fertiloscopy, endometrium polypectomy€575
Endometrium biopsy during diagnostic hysteroscopy€45
Laparoscopy On request
A standard medication set for laparoscopy€50
Diagnostic laparoscopyFrom €525
Laparoscopy, tubectomy From €625
Laparoscopy, resection of ovary, cystectomyFrom €625
Laparoscopy, conservative myomectomy (increased difficulty)From €925
Laparoscopy, supravaginal uterine amputationFrom €775
Laparoscopy, uterus extirpationFrom €1,050
Laparoscopy, uterus extirpation (increased difficulty)From €1,250
Urgent laparoscopyFrom €725
Laparotomy, conservative myomectomy€705
Laparotomy, supravaginal uterine amputation€775
A standard medication set for laparotomy€270
Kolpopoiesis from pelvic peritoneum with laparoscopic assistance€750
Vaginal plastic surgery€750
Hospital stay (price per 1 day)€45
Meals in hospital (price per 1 day)€15
! Please mind the fact that prices can unsubstantially change and it is advisable to consult your personal manager about them.

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