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2020 10 February

Meet Us at Kinderwunsch Tage in Berlin!

We invite overseas clients to meet at one the largest European shows for people wishing for a baby – Kinderwunsch Tage held in Berlin, Germany on March 7-8. GC-IVF regularly participates in such events because talking to people on their IVF journey is invaluable for us. And it’s definitely more than answering questions about how we fight infertility in Ukraine. It’s about trust and understanding. It’s about your pains and expectations. It’s about our services and achievements.

So, we invite you to stop and have a chat at Stand 66 in Berlin on March 7-8. We have prepared a pleasant surprise for you. Grab your FREE entrance ticket here.

Fill in the form and get your lucky ticket!

Every IVF journey is unique. Yet, all of them have something in common. This something hardly depends on the country you live in. It’s about being parents. It’s such a universal thing.

Why do 40,000 patients travel for infertility treatment abroad annually?

Have you ever thought that personal reasons of any childless couple to seek infertility treatment abroad result from a global tendency? In fact, it is more than true.

Cross-border reproductive care steadily grows. In the last 10 years, the percentage of cross-border patients in Europe has exceeded 5% of all fertility care. Taking into consideration the overall number of cycles performed solely in Europe, the figure looks more than impressive and can be estimated as 40,000. This in itself is indicative of the fact that desire to become parents is stronger than numerous legal, social, cultural and even religious restrictions existing in patients’ home countries. That is why people travel to other countries to receive medical services they would never have access to at home.
Professor Carlos Calhaz-Jorge, a former chairman of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s (ESHRE) IVF Monitoring Consortium, says, “Lower treatment costs, access to techniques not possible in the home country, donor eggs and sperm more readily available, and expectations of better quality treatments are key drivers for this cross-border phenomenon”.

Travelling usually has a purpose. One can hardly think of a better one than travelling to become parents. For some of us, this may be the only chance.

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