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Our History

The founder, organizer, director, inspirer of the Implant Clinic (now Gryshchenko Clinic-IVF), Valentyn Gryshchenko, was an outstanding researcher, experienced fertility doctor, successful leader, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

He launched and supervised the first in Ukraine successful in vitro fertilization program in the laboratory dealing with human fertility. Valentyn Gryshchenko is rightfully considered to be the founder of reproductive medicine in Ukraine.

In 1983, Valentyn Gryshchenko set up the first laboratory of human reproduction (later reorganized into the Implant Clinic, the first reproductive medicine clinic in Ukraine). He brought together a team of scientists consisting of medics and biologists, and in 1990 in Kharkiv the first successful IVF cycle was completed in Ukraine, which on March 19, 1991 resulted in birth of the first Ukrainian child after IVF – a girl named Katya.

Under the supervision of Valentyn Gryshchenko, the first successful cycle of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine (and the CIS) was launched and completed.  It was a unique event in 1992. A woman aged 48 gestated and gave birth to a baby that was biologically her granddaughter. The woman’s own daughter had no anatomical and physiological capacity for gestation (she had no uterus), but had a great desire to have children. At the time this event seemed to be absolutely fantastic.

In 2001, in the Implant Clinic the Department of Surgical Gynecology was opened and began its successful activity on the initiative of Mykola Gryshchenko.

As a result of continuous research of applicability of low temperatures in reproductive medicine, in 2003 the first in Ukraine child was born as a result of transferring the patient’s own embryos after cryopreservation into her uterus. The pioneering procedure was conducted by fertility doctors in the Implant Clinic.

On January 03, 2011 Valentyn Gryshchenko was gone. He left this world, but remained in the hearts of the happy parents and their children, he stays with us forever in the hearts of his colleagues and students. He taught us to learn every day, hour and moment bearing in mind for what purpose we work and live. He taught us to love and to cherish people and earnestly strive to help keeping the tradition of humanism, professionalism and collegiality.