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Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Insemination with partner’s sperm€230
Insemination with donor’s sperm (quality class A/B/C)€365 / €335 / €305
In vitro fertilization (IVF)On request
Treatment protocol with cryoembryo transfer + assisted hatching€1,160
Treatment protocol with cryoembryo transfer (after PGD) €1,090
Medical oocyte puncture in the IVF program (without/with anesthesia)€210 / €250
IMSI –- Morphological sperm selection at magnification of more than 6,000 times (min./optm.)€250 / €390
Material processing after TESE (min./optm.)€250 / €390
Morphokinetic embryo selection (0-9/9-18/19-27)€140 / €190 / €230
Donor’s sperm for IVF (Class A/B/C)€180 / €150 / €120
Egg donation (fresh/vitrified)On request
Treatment with donor oocytesOn request
Individual consultation on sperm/oocyte donor selection€130
Synchronization of the menstrual cycles of the donor and the recipient€315
Embryo transfer preparation in a protocol with donor oocytes (medications not included)€210
Surrogate maternityOn request
Donation of embryosOn request
Embryo biopsy at the blastocyst stage€360
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) of the embryo by sequencing the next generation (NGS), 23 pairs of chromosomes, 1 embryo€470
! Please mind the fact that prices can unsubstantially change and it is advisable to consult your personal manager about them.

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