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Out-patient Department

Cytological examination€7
Colposcopy (including cytological examination and consultation with a gynecologist)€40
Consultation with an endocrinologist€20
Consultation with a general practitioner€20
Consultation with an oncogynecologist€25
Initial consultation with a geneticist€25
Follow-up consultation with a geneticist€20
Consultation with a mammologist€25
Consultation with a neurologist€20
Consultation with an otolaryngologist€20
Consultation with a gastroenterologist€20
Fibrogastroduodenoscopy + biopsy€35
Fibrogastroduodenoscopy + anesthesia€50
Ultrasound examination of abdomen (liver, pancreas gland, gallbladder, spleen)€20
Ultrasound examination of abdomen + functional test of the gallbladder€20
Ultrasound examination of abdomen + kidneys + urinary bladder€20
Ultrasound examination of mammary glands + lymph nodes + doppler sonography + elastography€20
Ultrasound examination of thyroid gland + doppler sonography + elastography€20
Pelvic ultrasound (including with an intracavitary sensor)€25
Prenatal ultrasound screening 1 (1 fetus/2 fetuses/3 fetuses)€30 / €35 / €40
Prenatal ultrasound screenings 2, 3 (1 fetus/2 fetuses/3 fetuses)€35 / €50 / €65
Doppler sonography (1 fetus/2 fetuses/3 fetuses)€15 / €20 / €25
! Please mind the fact that prices can unsubstantially change and it is advisable to consult your personal manager about them.

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