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Surgical Gynecology

In advanced clinical gynecology practice of GC-IVF, surgical achievements are widely used. Instrumental and endoscopic observational methods allow accurate diagnosing of a wide range of gynecologic diseases, and an effective treatment can be provided by minimally invasive surgical interventions. Generally speaking, the staff of GC-IVF take surgical gynecology to be one of the most important components of a successful infertility treatment.

The surgical gynecology department of Gryshchenko Clinic-IVF implements a full range of surgical gynecological interventions (except oncological cases).

Specialists of the Clinic implement about 1,000 gynecologic surgeries yearly.

We also try to hold pioneering positions through introducing new methods, thus in specialists of our Clinic for the first time in Kharkiv performed colpopoiesis (creation of artificial vagina from abdominal membrane of small pelvis) with laparoscopic assistance in case of vagina absence (Rokitansky–Kuster syndrome).

Surgeons of the Clinic use micro-invasive low-trauma methods which allow to save woman’s genital organs, thus to provide high quality of treatment and further life. With the help of advanced laparoscopic surgery methods, many diseases of woman’s genital sphere can be diagnosed and successfully treated.

At the surgical gynecology department, the following diagnostic and medical surgical interferences are conducted:

Fertiloscopy – this type of surgery actually replaced X-ray examination (metrosalpingography), it is conducted for accurate diagnosis of uterine tubes patency and visual disclosure of abnormalities of pelvic organs.

Hysteroscopy is a method of diagnostics of uterus cavity abnormalities, beginning with simple diagnostic observation to complex hystero-resectoscopies with uterine septum discussion, resection of polyps, ganglions located in the uterine cavity (submucous). Our surgeons also conduct so-called ‘office hysteroscopy’ by means of non-traumatic instruments with a 3mm diameter which allow not using intravenous anesthesia.

Laparoscopy is a method which frequently allows obtaining desired pregnancy without application of assisted reproductive technologies. It is conducted for endometriosis treatment in case of tuboperitoneal infertility, uterus leiomyoma, uterus abnormal development or ovarian cysts. Diagnostic laparoscopy is a powerful method if identifying causes if infertility.

Laparotomy is used in rare cases when surgery cannot be conducted with the help of laparoscopic approach (in case of multiple leiomyoma of big size, atypical localization of ganglions, etc.)When our patients make a decision about surgical interference, they put trust in GC-IVF respective their life, health and future maternity. Gynecologists of the Clinic do their best in order to meet expectations, provide patients with the best quality of treatment and maximum comfort. GC-IVF avails of:

  • professionalism of our surgeons and anesthesiologists with long-time practical experience;
  • best advanced equipment manufactured by KarlStorz and RichardWolf;
  • secure operating theaters (sterility, non-toxic constructional and finishing materials, specialized multi-layered medical gas supply system, uninterruptible power system);
  • advanced technics of anesthesia (premium class anesthesia station Saturn Evo Color with multi-gas analyzer of respiratory gas; controlling equipment which monitors and analyzes a maximum number of indicators with dynamic data displaying) ensure patients’ safety during surgeries; 
  • sutural materials of European top manufacturers;
  • advanced methods of preventative measures of adhesive process in abdominal cavity ( adhesion barriers);
  • high standards of instruments sterilization (plasma sterilization, STERRAD);
  • comfortable conditions of staying in the after-surgery department (cozy rooms for one or two patients with round-the-clock observation of medical staff,  three meals daily and free Wi-Fi);
  • careful and attentive medical staff;
  • demonstration of the surgery after the interference with comments of a surgeon;
  • discharge papers contain comprehensive information about the surgery and photos of the clue moments of the intervention.

According to statistics, around 62% of women undergo gynecological surgeries during their life. If you need gynecological surgical procedures – choose Gryshchenko Clinic-IVF for reproductive medicine and make be sure in an excellent result!