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2020 27 January


An Andrologist. Not that I have heard!

It’s a man’s world, of course. However, it remains so until men develop problems with the urine and the reproductive systems. This is when psychological stress starts accelerating.

The decision to see a respective specialist gets delayed or even ignored for a number of reasons: no time, not enough money, not knowing whom to consult. So, let’s sort out who is the doctor to go to in case of various disfunctions.

First of all, let’s draw a line between the urologist and the andrologist. The urologist treats the urogenital system, while the andrologist specializes in preserving male reproductive and sexual functions. The latter may include sexual disfunctions, male endocrine disorders, erectile disfunctions, etc.

Andrology is a very broad science actually. It is a real fact that a large number of men need to see an andrologist sooner or later. Such a visit often seems dangerous and scary to them. I want to dispel your worries and tell you that a consultation with an andrologist is nothing to be afraid of. A specialist will help you solve such problems as male potency disorders, or changes in frequency of sexual contact, or inflammation of the urinary system. And finally, an andrologist will be helpful for a couple planning to have a baby.

Spermogram. Nothing to be afraid of!

A spermogram is an important medical test which gives general information about men’s hormonal state. The test can explain why your partner’s pregnancy does not occur even if your sperm is of normal concentration and amount, and sperm cells are mobile and correctly shaped.

There may be some hidden reasons preventing sperm cells from penetrating the egg.

Andrologists usually advise having your spermogram in top clinics dealing with male infertility because such clinics analyze more specific parameters than your nearest clinic lab can do.

Getting ready for a spermogram? Nervous? You needn’t be!

The first thing which we ask our patients not to forget about before having a spermogram, is abstaining. It is abstaining from regular drinking much alcohol. It is also abstaining from sexual intercourse and ejaculation, and from having hot baths and saunas. Generally speaking, patients are asked to observe general principles of a healthy life-style.

However, having a glass of good wine, or even catching an ordinary cold will hardly influence your spermogram results. This can be explained by the fact that quality of sperm cells is shaped within two months from the moment these cells appear to the moment they leave the body.

So, a spermogram is a test which is indicative of man’s everyday life and general health.

May the force be with you, guys!

Whatever circumstances are, putting off a visit to an andrologist is a very bad idea in itself. Keeping silent and leaving things as they are will all but aggravate the situation. Seeing and andrologist and getting answers to men’s health issues is certainly worth it!

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