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Yoga Classes

In a normal course of pregnancy, physical activity is essential for a woman. This is not only about a beautiful and healthy body, but also about bearing a pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby. After all, pregnancy is a wonderful natural period, not a mysterious illness that lasts for nine months.

Yoga classes for pregnant women are constantly held at Gryshchenko Clinic-IVF.

Most doctors recommend starting yoga classes from 12-16 weeks, since the first trimester is the most unstable and in this period such phenomena as toxicosis and general weakness may occur. However, if you are used to physical activity and are in a good state of health, there is no need to stop exercises. They just need to be slightly modified. 

If you have never been exercising before the pregnancy, it is a great chance to make your lifestyle healthier. Start with a 15-minute exercise three times a week and increase time of exercises focusing on your own feelings.

The benefits of exercises during a pregnancy have been proven by many serious international studies. These are the most important bonuses that a physically active pregnant woman gets:

  • the risk of complications of such diseases as diabetes (up to 57%), preeclampsia (up to 35%), varicose veins is reduced;
  • sports help improve the general state of health, a woman does not get tired too quickly in her daily routine, a feeling of discomfort in the body decreases;
  • exercises strengthen muscles and improve their elasticity, and it helps to avoid pain in the back, pelvic organs, to improve coordination of movements and a sense of equilibrium;
  • exercises help to raise spirits and to improve women’s self-perception. Any physical activity causes release of endorphins – hormones of joy, and also increases serotonin level.

Staying active during a pregnancy, women are much more satisfied with their own appearance and they usually gain weight within normal limits.

Other advantages are no less important: childbirths are easier and more physiological for active moms, the labor duration and risk of Caesarian operation decrease.

Women who practice physical exercise recover after childbirth faster. In addition, such classes are beneficial not only for mothers, but also for babies. Children after birth receive higher grades on the Apgar scale and are rarely born with low weight and premature.